A blog seems like a good idea

I’m one of those people who gets really excited about stuff and wants to talk about it.  A lot.  Too much sometimes.  So, a blog seems like a good idea.  Right?  Sustainable and Joyful is a place where I want to talk about the things that matter to me.  The ways I’m living my life that are helpful and the mistakes I’ve made or am making.  I just can’t shake the idea that questioning authority is always a good thing and for me that often means the authority that is mainstream thinking.  We all want to believe that the world is good and that what we are doing is right but that doesn’t always make it so. I am constantly shocked at how our consumer culture can lead us astray.  It can veer so far from what used to be natural and normal that to do things in the old ways is now unheard of.  I’m trying to reclaim that wisdom.  I want to find the secrets to living a healthy, contented life where I follow my passions and see where that leads me.

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