“Mama, I love nature.”

“Mama, I love nature.  I love nature more than anyone else loves nature!” said my four year old daughter as I was putting her to bed tonight.  Obviously my heart melted.  And it gave me the feeling like I’m doing something right!

Today we went for what is becoming a weekly walk with friends through the forest.  We dress the kids up for wet and muddy play.  That usually means Bog boots, waterproof rain pants and jackets.  Then we just let them free.  They climb, they run, they jump.  They WALK in streams and mud.  They draw lines in the mud with sticks then use those same sticks to stir in the stream.

IMG_3475Today they surprised me by climbing up a huge rock outcropping.  I watched as my little girl scanned the area for the best path up then carefully climbed with her hands and feet to the top.  At one point I couldn’t help myself and so I shouted up, “do you feel safe?” To which she answered, “yes!”

These are the moments I dreamed of before becoming a mother. Giving my kids the space to explore their own limits and the world around them.  It just doesn’t get much better!

FullSizeRender (1)


2 thoughts on ““Mama, I love nature.”

  1. Children who explore without limits have no boundaries in the appreciation of nature. As a child prodigy of growing up “naturally”, your experiences evoke memories. My mother, an artist, lugged her easel, canvas and paints into the cow fields. My brother and I in tow, assisting with lugging her tools and always anxious for her to get settled so that we could begin our quest, making cow pies. Stirring leaves, grass, twigs, and fallen insects into the juiciest specimens we could find for our cow patty pie du jour! The smell of that cow dung was innately welcomed each spring when we were back in cow country, traipsing through fields, rolling hills, bumps and swails as our mother scoured the perfect vantage point for her next creation.


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