The story of our backyard… In time lapse…

We have lived in our current home for over two years now and are finally getting to some of the bigger projects we dreamed about since we first saw the property.

When we moved in the back “yard” was a completely overgrown field that was completely unusable and mostly impassable.  It was covered with multiflora “rose” plants, forsythia, barberry and who knows what else.Getting rid of invasive plants is an ONGOING battle around here!   BUT there was a knocked down apple tree that whispered of a time when the land was loved and used. We were inspired..

Prior to moving in I had grand plans of clearing it all myself.  I enjoy clipping vines and clearing quite a bit.  Videos of land clearing with a Bush Hog were REALLY fun to watch! Once we got to our new home and were able to assess further it seemed like a lot for us to do on our own with all of the other house and yard projects we had as well as me being pregnant at the time.

SO we hired it out to some local tree specialists.  And it went a little something like this:

Yeah, it was a pretty good show that day!  They were only mildly creeped out that my husband wanted to take a time lapse video of the project!  But I can watch it all day…

Anyway, we had the land cleared in the fall and then tilled and planted the following spring.  This spring we jumped in and I got to work on creating my new garden beds!!!  I’m quite proud of it so naturally I wrote a blog post .

Last weekend we hired out yet another project and had the garden fence installed.  I had dug holes for the posts last fall but then kept putting it off and new if I waited much longer spring planting would get delayed.  Also, we did our other garden fence and it was a BIG job.

So yeah, this post is basically just chronicling all of the work we hired out to create our back yard. Yet as I write this I realize how MUCH we have done on our own too.  It’s crazy how much work goes into working the land and creating your own space!

Here’s a lovely photo I took of the beds to highlight my new pretty fence (happy Mother’s Day to me!).  It also shows the fruit trees we planted and fenced (ourselves… we aren’t THAT lazy!).  And the grass… that I have been working to pull large rocks and thistle out of… A work in progress for sure!  I can’t wait to see what’s going to grow back there!  The yard is bleak to look at but also full of SO much potential!  And it’s ours!!!13062356_10154233416464203_8214981081303999173_n

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